What is District 17?

District 17 of Alcoholics Anonymous is a committee that represents the regular A.A. groups, in Pahrump and other nearby rural areas, to the A.A. Organization, and informs the groups regarding A.A. happenings. Each A.A. group should have a General Service Representative (GSR) who attends all the District meetings.

One function of the District is to assign somebody to answer the local

A.A. HOTLINE – 775-513-7975.

The links at the following paragraph headings, or in the green bar above, will take you to the information that you seek, but some explanation may help.

MEETINGS There are two separate pages for the front and back of the schedule, in PDF format. To print the document two sided front and back, print page 1 (the Front). Then flip the paper over in your printer, and print page 2. (the Back). This way, you will have a double-sided meeting list. We call the actual list of meetings the Front because it is the most important part.

MONEY: The 7th Tradition is explained, and the District Treasurer’s Report is given each month. Group treasurers should be able to report to the group frequently but will not be posted here.

MINUTES: Here you will find out what was discussed at the last monthly District meeting, which is the first Wednesday of each month. Currently we are meeting at 5:30 PM at Lutheran Church Annex 650 S. Blagg Rd. But check here because time and location may change.

DISTRICT 17 AGENDA: The agenda for the next meeting is FINAL when it gets put on this site about one week before the meeting. If you want to add items for the following meeting, do so early by contacting the District 17 DCM.
Until the next agenda is posted the last agenda remains so you can see what was or was not discussed. Don’t blame the webmaster if this is not updated.

EVENTS: Both official A.A. events and non-A.A. happenings will be reported here. Nonofficial events include parties, potlucks, BBQs, Roundups, etc., primarily of interest to A.A. members but at which the general public is welcome. If you know of such events, let the webmaster know. We will include events at great distances if we think our members might attend.
OTHER REPORTS: Any reports from A.A. organizations, such as SAGSC (Southern Area 42) or Area 42, which are the next two levels below the District, will go here. Alcoholics Anonymous is an upside-down organization. The separate A.A. groups are the most important element and are at the top of the organizational chart
LITERATURE: From this page you can view the entire A.A. Literature catalog on line, and how to order it. However, our Literature Chairperson has a large selection in stock locally, so just call 775-727-9241 or 775-513-7669 first if you need something.

MORE INFORMATION: Check these other sites for more information:
LAS VEGAS CENTRAL OFFICE: http://www.lvcentraloffice.org
AREA 42: http://www.nevadaarea42.org
SOUTHERN AREA 42 http://www.nevadaarea42.org/Sagsc.html

___________________ District 17 Committee Members__________________

Alt. DCM John M.

Alt. Treasurer

Dale B

Betty S

Secretary Jodi L
Web Master

Alt. Webmaster

Alan R

Brad L.

Hotline & Literature John M
Hospitals & Institutions E. Foxx
Public Information & C.P.C. Paul U
Alcathons James S
Workshops James S
Grapevine Jodi L
Intergroup Ryan W
Archives James G

Each Group should have a Group Service Representative
name in the following list. Contact information
is optional.

Eye Openers:
Sharing How It Works:
Noon in the Other Room
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Big Book Study:
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