December 6, 2017
Pahrump, Nevada

Meeting Called to order at 5:28 pm

DCM: Kim W. called the meeting to order After a moment of silence for the still suffering alcoholic opened with the Serenity Prayer. Passed sign in sheet.

Alt DCM: Bud L. had no report.

Last month Minutes: Jodi L reported the minutes previously emailed for review. Motion was made, 2nd, approved to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Dale B. reported:
Prudent Reserve $200
Balance forward $ 1338.43
Income $ 2858.49
Expenses $ 2415.76
Ending Balance $ 1267.15 ($ 1,467.15 w/PR)
H&I Balance $464.07

Motion was made, 2nd, approved to accept treasurer’s report.

Kim reported that Sharda sold Meditation CD’s and donated the monies to District ($50).

Old Business:

Meeting schedule: Kim reported that she spoke with Dewayne, Unity Chair regarding the two concerns addressed last month. Both concerns are to be resolved among those specific group and are not a District concern.
Delly, representing Boondocks would like it noted that Boondocks disagrees with District by having non-registered meetings in the meeting schedule regardless of asterisk indicators.

Storage Unit F16 to C & L Storage, 861 W. Wilson. 775-525-3505
Delly has a list to type of all items particularly for the events she will give to Alan and to the Event coordinator, Lynn.

Guidelines Ad hoc committee: Kim reported that the committee met and have created district guidelines. She will type them to present to District.

New Business: Jack asked that we put a calendar of events on our website for both District and for Groups. Alan said there is a calendar on the site, but it is not utilized. It was agreed that we will utilize going forward.

Foxx asked that the schedule be updated, there are some errors. Foxx will get with Alan.

Committee Reports:

Hotline: E. Foxx 9 calls were received this month. Laurie will have the phone rotation next month. There were discussions regarding the process for Spanish speaking alcoholics. Foxx has contacts in Vegas when this arises.

Literature: Hoppy H. $116.00 in sales for November. No need to order more at this time.

H&I: E. Foxx going well right now.

Grapevine: GeorgeAnn as not present.

Archivist: Jack A. has items at his house to go to storage. Still has not received items from members, please give these items to him that he can put in storage and also load on the thumb drive.

Events: Lynn T. was not present. Kim reported February/March 2018 will be the Chili Cook-off and Talent/No Talent Contest. More to come.

Workshop: Kim W. reported Next workshop is Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

Al-ca-thons: John M reported that we still have 10pm and 10am open. He has group commitments but no individual commitments.

LV Intergroup Liaison: E. Foxx reported Area 42 Intergroup is the 2nd Monday each month @6pm located at the Central Office in Las Vegas. He has flyers for the next event which will be Jan 13th Fun Buss.

CPC/PI: Paul U. reported Area 42 CPC/PI is the 2nd Monday each month @4:30pm located at the Central Office in Las Vegas. Dianne at channel 46 has promised that we are in line to be aired for a 60-minute spot.

Webmaster: Alan R. reported that no one has contacted him to date for any schedule changes. As previously mentioned, he will get with Foxx regarding some errors in the schedule Foxx had indicated.

GSR Reports:

Nooners: Hoppy H. reported that attendance has picked up as well as donations. Tonight was the first time in a long time they have been able to donate to District. Things are much better.

TGIF : Christine R. reported that the meeting is doing okay, paying rent, attendance goes up and down.

Noon in other Room/Men’s Stagg: Jack A. reported that the Friday Night Men’s Stage is a part of the Noon in the other Room and should be notated together. Jack also reported that things are well. They are not at their reserve and have an Ad hoc committee created for the meeting guidelines.

Even Keel: Betty S. reported that as of two weeks ago the meeting elected a GSR (Glen J.). The meeting was able to make donations to all entities.

Women’s Meeting: Laurie M. reported that their treasurer is back so they could give their donation to district. They have had attendance with a large influx of new women attending. The meeting is working on creating a newcomer welcome packet.

Sharing How it Works: E. Foxx reported that the meeting is trying to get a new chair person. Things are well.

No Reservations: Harvey was not present – no report given.

Keeping it Simple Through the Steps: Alan R. reported that attendance has slowed way down due to the holidays.

Boondocks: Delly reported that the meeting is doing really well. The format is a 12 by 12 meeting. However, anytime there is a newcomer, they go back to step 1. She has been out of town, but now that she is back she will bring donation for District next month.

Sunday 12×12 study: Hoppy reported the meeting is primarily card carriers, as a result they usually cannot make rent and are not able to donate to district. They are not registered because they want to wait to see if things improve.

Next Meeting: January 3rd, 2018

Meeting Adjourned at 6:05; Minutes taken by District 17 Secretary Jodi L.

Closing: 7th Tradition Collection, Responsibility Clause

Upcoming events:
February 11, 2018 District 17 Workshop, Steps 4 & 5 the “Joe & Charlie Way”, 12:30pm-2:30pm
February/March 2018 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off and Talent/No Talent Contest
March 2-4, 2018 PRAASA, Reno/Sparks, Nugget Hotel, Room Code: G-PRAASA

In attendance: